6th edition of the prototyping event

Howest | Industrial Design Center with its ProtoLab has joined forces with Design Platform Flanders and BUDA::lab, to present the 6th edition of the Prototyping Event, unique in its kind in Flanders. A two day event with an Industry Day and a Public Day.

Prototyping Event 2013 offers a mixture of state of the art, home applications, real cases concerning prototyping during a design process, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, materials and virtual tools.

A perfect opportunity to meet numerous distributors, manufacturers and users of various technologies. Speakers from home and abroad bring testimonials from industrial, artistic, architectural and other contexts. Provided workshops will lead you into the world of materialization.

Industry Day (june 25th 2013)

Focusing on industrial cases, machinery and applications.

Where do prototyping and corporate strategy meet? In several phases of a design process, prototypes give information about functionality, shape, tactility, assembly, etc. They visualize concepts and speed up decision making.

Choosing between traditional, additive or virtual techniques and estimating time and budget, are important aspects in a strategic point of view of every company involved in product development, architecture, entertainment etc.

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Focusing on public cases, innovative connections, materials, machinery and applications.

Where does prototyping connects to everyday life?
Materials and processes that originated in an industrial context are on their way to find a connection to our homes and every day life.

Most of these 'domestic' technologies and materials have a lot of potential and its market is still growing at an increasing speed. Experience what the advantages, potentials are of these emerging materials & machinery. But also what their bottlenecks and pitfalls could be.

We bring you an interesting overview of a broad range of rapid prototyping machinery in domestic use for companies, individuals or students – together with inspiring lectures.

No specific experience or knowledge in the field is required.

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At the fair, demos of different techniques and technologies can be viewed while a range of machinery is displaying the latest developments on the market. The fair stays in place for the 2 days. Part is accessible free of charge to anyone, part is only accessible for paying visitors to one of both days.

Shaping Matter (june 25th 2013)

Design Platform Flanders, in partnership with Howest | Industrial Design Center, sets up Shaping Matter, an event that focuses on innovative materials and joining methods applied in products. Shaping Matter is a ten-day exhibition combined with inspirational keynotes and hands-on workshop. The exhibition is a showcase of state of the art material innovations and clever joining methods applied in products. Products and prototypes from local and international companies are exposed.

Chris Lefteri, an international reference on materials and design and author of various inspirational books will give an inspirational keynote and a hands-on workshop. This is a perfect opportunity to get inspired and to meet companies and designers. The exhibition runs from June 22nd to 30th. The official opening of the exhibition will be on June 25th.

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Impression of the 2012 edition


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